Moose Jaw Spa Ozone SteamThis treatment combines both ozone therapy and hyperthermia. This powerful combination fully compliments the body’s own natural defense systems. The body when in healing mode, naturally stops food in take (loss of appetite) and raises internal temperatures. The warm steam surrounds the body, opening the pores. The ozone is easily able to enter into the body through the skin, penetrating into the blood, the fat and the lymph.


As the body sweats, most of the toxins are brought to the surface and expelled through the pores. Benefits of Ozone Steam therapy are: Relaxes muscles; Oxidizes lactic acid; Oxidizes adrenaline; Boosts circulation in peripheral blood vessels; Relieves pain and speeds healing; Eliminates viral, bacterial, and fungal infection of all kinds.


$315         Package of 10
10 x 1/2 hour treatments ($31.50/each)
$595         Package of 20
20 x 1/2 hour treatments ($29.75/each)
$840         Package of 30
30 x 1/2 hour treatments ($28/each)
$35         Single Session


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"Thanks, Moose Jaw Spa for the great couples massage on our anniversary this afternoon."
--Curtis Bundus

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