Moose Jaw Spa Massage

Moose Jaw Spa Massage

Experienced and Registered Massage Therapists perform all of our Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage Treatments. A health history is taken prior to your initial massage where we ask that you highlight any special considerations that are needed so that we may appropriately assist you in your wellness goals. We strive to create a private and supportive environment for your massage treatments. Take comfort in knowing that you are in good hands. Allow yourself time to relax with one of life’s most natural and beneficial healing arts.

60 min         Elemental Hot Rock Massage
This deep heat treatment promotes circulation and is the ultimate in relaxation for the senses. As you lay on a bed of smooth heated stones your therapist alternately applies heated stone massage to your entire body. From your head to your toes this treatment is always desired for its deeply relaxing effects. $80


Aromatherapy Hot Rock Massage
All the relaxation of our elemental hot stone treatment with the added value of cutom blended, organic aromatherapy oils. Choose a blend that will naturally elevate your mood and relax your body!

90 min / $110 60 –  min / $95



60 min         Full Hour Relaxation Massage
A light to moderate treatment that uses a variety of Swedish massage techniques designed to relax or stimulate the lymphatic, circulatory and muscular systems of the body. $65
45 min / $50
90 min / $105


65 min         Raindrop Treatment
Applications of Pure Grade Essential Oils are applied to the soles of the feet, spinal column and back and neck muscles. These oils help in the elimination of viruses, bacteria and toxins from the body. This treatment promotes the lengthening of the spine as combinations of therapeutic massage techniques are used in conjunction with essential oils to create alignment. A wonderful treatment for people with scoliosis and kyphosis. $94


90 min/ $134

30 min         Therapeutic Massage
Moderate to deep pressure is applied to target restrictions in the body. Promotes relief of overuse conditions such as frozen shoulder, tendonitis, headaches, and sciatica as well as chronic back and neck pain. A variety of deep muscle and myofascial techniques are used to eliminate the chronic pain and restrictions. $40


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Client Testimonials

"Thanks, Moose Jaw Spa for the great couples massage on our anniversary this afternoon."
--Curtis Bundus

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