Moose Jaw Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol


Moose Jaw Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol

Don’t weight yourself down for a minute longer. Our certified coaches will explain the Ideal answer to weight loss and weight management and help you meet your goals. Whether you have 10 or 110 pounds to release we have the four phase approach that will make it happen! When you are ready to take the next step to a whole new you call and schedule your appointment with one of our coaches! (And, guess what?

These girls have each released over 80 and 120 pounds themselves; so you will be coached by those who truly understand and have worked though it too)! Consultation is $100. This is a one time fee allowing lifetime access to our clinic and ongoing support.

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"Thanks, Moose Jaw Spa for the great couples massage on our anniversary this afternoon."
--Curtis Bundus

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